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Mission @ Fidelis

Your global financial services partner, local expert and consultant in the card payment systems by contributing to the sustainable growth as the most trusted and admired partner, by offering sophisticated and innovative financial solutions using our world class payment systems knowledge and expertise and by creating new values. 

Vision @ Fidelis

To be a leading consultancy and business support services provider offering services in the global card payment systems market, taken as an example in the sector and having a preferable and powerful brand name.

Values @ Fidelis

  • Our focal point is our customers and our target is unconditional customer satisfaction,
  • We render services in order to be the first, the leader and the best in our sector,
  • We offer fast, highly qualified and reliable services,
  • We try to increase the competitive power with our innovative, dynamic and flexible company structure,
  • We concentrate on a win-win philosophy and we use our resources efficiently to achieve a stable and profitable expansion,
  • We do not relent our social liabilities and business ethics, we are environmentalist and contributors.

 F  Flexible
 I  Innovative
 D  Dynamic
 E  Efficient
 L  Leadership
 I  Informative
 S  Skilled

Differences @ Fidelis

  • Full analysis, fast, highly qualified and reliable service,
  • Guaranteed results,
  • 15-year global payment systems experience,
  • Innovative, creative and practical solution proposals,
  • No extra charges and hidden extraordinary fees,
  • Competitive fees.
  • Unconditional customer satisfaction

Departments @ Fidelis

Consultancy Services Department
Training Services Department
Auditing Services Department
Risk Management Services Department
Customer Services Department
Human Resources and Finance Department

Environmental Policy @ Fidelis

Our job is to take the precautions required in order to minimize our negative effects on the environment. As being an environmental company, we are against the inefficient and over use of natural resources. We believe that a balance should be created between the costs in the business life and the costs on the environment.

This is why we undertake to act in compliance with all the local and international regulations about the environment, to avoid pollution during our activities by taking environmental effects into consideration, to prefer environmentally friendly goods, to take the precautions to regulate the use of valuable resources such as electricity, fuel and water, to make our employees conscious about environmental issues and their individual responsibility for a cleaner and better environment and to support financially and spiritually all the institutions established for this purpose.

Customer Satisfaction @ Fidelis

Quality is described by the customer and defined or claimed by the customer. To increase the unconditional customer satisfaction to the highest level by applying a management and coordination system that disciplines all the processes and sub processes starting from searching for customer demands and market conditions to the planning, designing, manufacturing and after sale services.

We spend more effort in order to increase the value of our customers in a continuous and evident manner with the help of our expertise, our corporate dynamism, organizational efficiency and international experience. We listen to our customers,  research, learn and grow together with our customers through our goods and services.

We believe that the most attractive advertisement and the most significant power are communication. We know that listening to our customers is a communication tool that is as powerful as speaking. We pay attention to the dialogues established with our customers and keep our communication channels open all the time. We know that our existence depends on our customers. In order to obtain unconditional customer satisfaction, we never give up our company principles like honesty, responsibility, justice, creativity, trust, transparency. We prefer to transform the customer complaints into customer goals.

Our corporate goal is to sell satisfaction to our customers.

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