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Crisis Management Services

Changes in organizations occur all the time. Products, services, work flow and the responsibility of the personnel change as do their method of delivery; therefore, it is necessary for the plan to keep pace with these changes in order for it to be of use in the event of a disruptive emergency. It is now publicly recognized that business continuity and disaster recovery planning are vital issues.

In our disaster recovery program, we will help you consider the potential impacts of internal and external disasters, to understand the underlying risks in order to maintain a sound disaster recovery and business continuity plan which will protect the well being of your institution, i.e. we will show you how to handle a major fraud attack. We will describe the effects of unexpected events to you,  define the actions to be taken and minimize the effects to your institution.

Some of the services that Fidelis offers are;

  •  Risk analysis and business continuity
  •  Disaster recovery planning and training
  •  Contingency audit program
  •  Managing and recovering major fraud attacks

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