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 Fraud Consultancy Services

Fidelis fraud & security consultancy offers a range of consultancy support services from the launch of a credit or debit card program to providing complete professional review of an organization to understand fraud risks and vulnerabilities by covering Visa and MasterCard audit programs. While working at Garanti Bank, we achieved the big success of Europe's largest multi-branded credit card programs: Bonus Card and Flexi. Fidelis fraud & security consulting team offers services in which the skilled professionals using knowledge and experience in order to combat fraud.

Card issuers, acquirers, processors, and merchants are all under pressure from the payment card schemes, regulators and consumers to demonstrate and deliver effective fraud prevention and reduction benefits to the marketplace.

If you believe that your fraud & risk management activities are not providing optimum results and you cannot run an efficient fraud operation; if you want to be aware of the fraud risks that inherent your fraud operation; if you recently experienced fraud problems and think that your losses are above average compared with the rest of the industry; if you have worries about keeping up to date with industry best practices; and incorporating industry best practices into your operations and if you want to find out effective fraud control methods do not hesitate to contact us at Fidelis Consultancy and Business Support Services.

We can add value to your projects, help you save money and time which are your scarce resources, offer you best practices, train and educate your team members.

After reviewing your card operation, card and merchant application processes which include conducting an on-site review approach and analyzing your entire business, we will submit a written report, highlight departmental recommendations and advise you on the next steps based on Visa and MasterCard audit program initiatives. Based on our findings and a comprehensive set of risk control parameters we will help you develop an internal and external early fraud detection program.

With Fidelis risk assessment review and consultancy services, your fraud and risk management operation will become a part of a profitable marketing strategy and help you stay ahead of the competition. Bear in mind that the risk is not to manage the risk for your business.

Our experts know how to protect issuers, defend acquirers against fraudulent activities and organized criminals. We track and monitor the latest fraud schemes and develop defensive strategies to protect our customers.

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