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Research Services

If you have a global approach and looking for a local player for your special project, Fidelis is here to assist you by offering you and your business local consultancy and business support services.

Independent Research

Provide local research, advise and assistance to foreign investors and local clients in the areas of payment system structure, product and services, fraud and security related issues, audit business, e-commerce business opportunities. If you are looking for a profitable business opportunity in Turkey and have a very little time and energy to work on your daily distresses such as business growth, competition and creation of extra shareholder value let Fidelis be your local consultant and business support partner.

Market Intelligence

Fidelis can help you develop a multi-country business model. Local knowledge and information, overall industry, product, service and process knowledge, industry expertise on demand, industry and business advisory services and best practices, strategy development and deployment are some of the professional services we offer.

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