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Total of two plastic card fraudsters get arrested in Didim,Aydın 24.03.2021
Plastic card sales volume reaches 103 Billion TL in January 2021 17.02.2021
Total of 3 fraudsters get caught in Adana 15.01.2021
Malicious software programs increase in Covid 19 pandemic period 22.12.2020
Contactless payment increases 4 times since last year in Turkey 16.11.2020
Plastic card payments increase by 25 percent in September in Turkey 21.10.2020
Two ATM scammers get arrested with skimming devices in Gaziantep 06.08.2020
8 out of 10 people prefer contactless payment method in Corona Virus period 05.05.2020
Contactless card payments triple in Covid-19 period 07.04.2020
Minimum payment amount is decreased to 20 percent of the plastic card debt in Turkey 28.03.2020
Beware of the cyber attacks focused on Covid-19 25.03.2020
Consumers prefer contactless payment rather than using cash in Covid-19 period 17.03.2020
WHO recommends contactless payment method 04.03.2020
The number of MasterCard plastic card transaction increases 31 percent on Valentine’s Day 13.02.2020
Total plastic card sales volume reaches 1 trillion TL in 2019 in Turkey 30.01.2020
Cyber criminals target Pos machines in Turkey 28.01.2020
MasterCard prepares for voice verification in plastic card transactions 06.12.2019
3 ATM scammers get caught in Eskisehir 06.11.2019
Plastic card usage in payments increases in Turkey 08.10.2019
The number of TROY cards in circulation reaches 9 million 29.08.2019
Plastic card scimmers get caught in Adana 22.08.2019
Minimum contactless payment limit is increased to 120 TL in Turkey 31.07.2019
Plastic card sales volume reaches to 455 Billion TL in the first half of 2019 18.07.2019
Holiday season tricks by fraudsters 12.06.2019
Beware. Your plastic card info might be traded in Facebook 09.04.2019
Credit card volume increases 15 percent in January in Turkey 27.02.2019
The Turkish credit card market becomes No 1 in Europe 27.02.2019
Total of 4 credit card skimmers get arrested in Edirne 25.02.2019
ID theft attempts increase on Valentines Day 15.02.2019
The number of Troy cards exceeds 7 million last year in Turkey 17.01.2019
Ziraat Bank offers a low interest rate personal loan for credit card debtors in Turkey 09.01.2019
Internet transaction volume increases 400 percent during the last five years in Turkey 06.01.2019
One in every 10 people suffers from family fraud 22.12.2018
Total of 28 credit card fraudsters in custody in Ankara 17.12.2018
On average 2.2 credit cards in wallets in Turkey 20.11.2018
Plastic card payment system becomes a real prescription for 43 billion TL savings in Turkey 25.10.2018
Two fraudsters were arrested while using scimmed credit cards 25.10.2018
Yapi ve Kredi Bank receives four awards from Visa Europe 22.10.2018
Things to remember when using a credit card 19.10.2018
International card sales volume increases 91 percent in a year in Turkey 17.10.2018
Fraudsters new technic surprises industry 22.09.2018
According to BKM contactless payment sales volume increases twice in August 17.09.2018
Plastic card payments in Turkey reach 14 Billion TL in July 14.08.2018
How to decide on the right plastic card? 13.08.2018
Contactless plastic card fraud increases everyday 11.08.2018
Plastic card payment industry grows 20 percent in the first half of this year in Turkey 19.07.2018
Five Turkish banks agree on ATM share in Turkey 05.07.2018
New interest rate period starts on credit card balance in Turkey 04.07.2018
Halkbank starts to offer Paraf Esnaf card to small businesses 19.06.2018
The Saudis spent on jewelery and The Englishmen preferred entertainment in Turkey 26.05.2018
Fake Facebook accounts used for phishing attempts 24.05.2018
Total number of plastic cards used in Turkey reaches 200 million 19.05.2018
Apple and Goldman Sachs plan to issue a brand new credit card 12.05.2018
KKB and five Turkish banks agree to work on a digital fraud prevention platform 08.05.2018
TROY reaches 2.5 million out of banking customers 30.04.2018
Ex hotel employee gets arrested for stealing cardholder data 28.04.2018
Plastic card payments increase in the first quarter in Turkey 24.04.2018
BKM warns plastic card users 19.04.2018
Organized scimmers scam cardholders 3 million TL and get caught in Bali 13.04.2018
Clues about credit card balance payment 06.04.2018
Bonus Forest project by Garanti Bank 22.03.2018
Hangikredi.com shares selecting the right credit card report 19.03.2018
7 out of 10 people prefer plastic card payment in Turkey 11.03.2018
Turkey is No 1 card market in Europe 22.02.2018
MasterCard and Visa Intl increase fees on cryptocurrency transactions 06.02.2018
Turkey Common Payment Platform is introduced by the PM of Turkey 25.01.2018
Plastic card payments reach 677 billion Turkish Lira in 2017 24.01.2018
Total of 4 ATM fraudsters get caught in Kastamonu 30.11.2017
Total of 61.5 million credit cards and 128 million debit cards actively used in Turkey 18.11.2017
Troy reaches total of 1 million customers and targets 23 million more in Turkey 15.11.2017
International card transactions increase 72 percent in Turkey 19.10.2017
Important things to remember when using a credit card 18.10.2017
Total of 5 internet scammers get caught in Adana 14.10.2017
Fraudsters empty a bank account in Istanbul after having PIN 13.10.2017
20.000 TL ATM fraud in Antalya by using a skimmer and camera 11.10.2017
BKM Express celebrates the 5th year 05.10.2017
Bankbot steals credit card info 28.09.2017
Fraudsters skim cell phone chip card and clears out bank accounts 27.09.2017
Turkish cardholders spend 4.9 billion TL during holiday season 26.09.2017
Bank Card Association warns consumers in Turkey 13.09.2017
Fraudsters scam 110K plastic card data 11.09.2017
Existing threat about contactless payment cards 11.09.2017
Plastic card payments for internet transactions reach 84.7 Billion Turkish Lira in one year 23.08.2017
Mandatory cardholder approval period for internet transaction ends on 31st of December 2017 16.08.2017
The number of delinquent cardholders reaches 497K in Turkey 07.08.2017
Airlines sector holds leader position in credit card payments in Turkey 22.07.2017
Plastic card payments break a new record in Turkey 10.07.2017
Clearing commission on plastic card payments will be increased tomorrow in Turkey 06.07.2017
Seven ways to maintain card security on holiday 22.06.2017
Internet card payments break record in Turkey 20.06.2017
Skims plastic cards and shows ok sign 16.06.2017
Plastic card fraudsters get caught in Antalya while on vacation 15.06.2017
Visa #getdigital 2017 award ceremony took place in Istanbul 24.05.2017
Payment card record in Mother s Day week 19.05.2017
Bank card and credit card warning by the gendarme 06.05.2017
Cyber theft operation in Istanbul: 15 in custody 26.04.2017
How much is your personal info in cyber crime world? 25.04.2017
Tax reduction boosts plastic card payments in Turkey 21.04.2017
75 million TL plastic card scam by using 35 thousand cards 17.04.2017
Personnel forgets to lock bank branch in Adana 10.04.2017
Zencommerce agrees with PayTR 07.04.2017
Garanti Paramatik becomes faster 01.04.2017
Cardholder determines card limit in Turkey 30.03.2017
Plastic card payments increase by 8 percent in February 23.03.2017
Prepaid cards become hope of poor people in Van 20.03.2017
Credit card holder determines availability of card usage in e-commerce 17.03.2017
Total of 8 e-commerce fraudsters get arrested in Istanbul 08.03.2017
New period starts in contactless payment in Turkey 07.03.2017
Seven golden suggestions to increase your e-commerce sales 01.03.2017
Turkcell launches PayCell prepaid card 27.02.2017
Total of 11 scammers get arrested in Istanbul 17.02.2017
A taxi driver accepts plastic card payments and offers free WIFI service in Elazıg 16.02.2017
Why consumers prefer e-commerce shopping? 06.02.2017
Luxury spending on plastic cards decreases in 2016 in Turkey 24.01.2017
Fraudsters run away without taking skimming equipment at an ATM in Denizli 01.01.2017
Three ATM fraudsters get caught in Manisa 21.03.2016
ATM scam using cell phone battery and camera technology recovered in Bursa 22.10.2015
The first domestic Turkish payment brand goes live in April 2016 01.10.2015
One ATM fraudster gets arrested in Antalya 06.08.2015
Total of 3 ATM scammers got arrested in Izmir 28.07.2015
MasterPass goes live with BiTaksi, Getir and Caffe Nero in Turkey 28.07.2015
Shocking commissions on 109 debit cards in Turkey 20.06.2015
Total number of credit cards in Turkey reaches 58 million in March 2015 21.04.2015
BiTaksi program starts in BKM Express 14.04.2015
Fraudsters skim credit cards in Antalya and use them in Istanbul 24.03.2015
MasterCard Europe announces Mobile Application Index 2015 26.02.2015
Total of 10.000 TL fraudulent charge on a credit card in Bursa 03.02.2015
Total of 430 billion TL spending by credit cards in 2014 26.01.2015
Total of six fraudsters get caught in Rize 15.01.2015
The total number of bank cards in Turkey jumps over 160 million 26.11.2014
Hackers steal 2.7 million HSBC Turkey plastic card info 12.11.2014
Plastic card acceptance starts in taxis in two years 26.10.2014
An ATM fraudster surprises police in Antalya 21.10.2014
BKMLab announces state-of-the-art projects 18.10.2014
Two ATM fraudsters get caught in Izmir 16.10.2014
Two Romanian ATM fraudsters get caught in a Kocaeli centered police operation 15.10.2014
Visa charges by the Arabian tourists in Turkey increases by 72 percent 08.10.2014
Thieves rob an ATM in Gaziosmanpasa and run away leaving the cash behind after seeing bank security guards 27.09.2014
Banks start to compete for high credit limit customers 27.09.2014
Call center fraud in Istanbul, 1.400 card data is stolen 25.09.2014
The number of delinquent customers reach to 1 million in Turkey 25.09.2014
The number of credit cards in Turkey increases by 600K in a year 23.09.2014
Do not give your credit card to the waiter as Antalya Police warns 22.09.2014
56 million credit card data is stolen from The Home Depot 19.09.2014
Stick on mechanism usage rises in ATM fraud in Turkey 10.09.2014
Plastic card usage loses blood in total consumption 02.09.2014
Two Turkish ATM fraudsters get caught in Tayland with fake plastics 01.09.2014
HSBC Turkey reaches 100K customers with Big Step project 29.08.2014
No such a trap on an ATM machine 12.08.2014
Waiting for flight time is joyous now 06.08.2014
Akbank Direct Mobile offers iBeacon one touch key technology to withdraw cash from ATM 03.07.2014
Two ATM fraudsters get caught in Mugla 25.06.2014
Shopping fest in working hours 04.06.2014
Very important decision about credit cards 13.05.2014
Sales volume drops by 8.6 billion lira after limitation on installment payments 10.04.2014
BDDK announces important regulation about credit cards 08.04.2014
Theft attempt at an ATM in Bornova, Izmir 03.04.2014
Installment card charges keep decreasing 27.03.2014
Online realtime fraud on one time password 22.02.2014
Merchants find quick solutions to overcome limitation on installment payments 16.02.2014
TEB and PayPal introduce single plastic for both street and internet usage 13.02.2014
Installment charges ended POS gone 04.02.2014
Limitation on installment card charges start tomorrow 31.01.2014
Latest point in ATM fraud 30.12.2013
Nine to twelve months limitation on installment card charges 26.11.2013
Very important regulation about credit cards 21.11.2013
An entrepreneur starts to use solar energy for charging POS and cell phone 05.11.2013
Afadcard 11.10.2013
New era in credit card 08.10.2013
Consumers like debit card usage in transactions in Turkey 23.08.2013
Minimum payment percentage increases in credit card 16.08.2013
Plastic card skimming at an ATM in Ayvalık shocks tourists 13.08.2013
Plastic card skimming at several ATMs in Izmir 04.07.2013
According to Mr.Mehmet Sezgin we are teaching ABC of credit cards to whole world 01.06.2013
Ozlem Ercelen Imece dies at the age 44 25.04.2013
Fraudster Siki restarted ATM scams with his gang members 05.04.2013
The Turkish card users increase cash withdrawals by 26 percent in January and February of 2013 05.04.2013
Total of 18 phishing scammers get caught in Izmir 20.03.2013
The Turkish card users preferred Visa for one in every 5.5 lira spending 15.03.2013
Small scale retailers would have cell phone POSs soon in Turkey 12.03.2013
Denizbank starts offering cash register and POS integration solution in Turkey 07.03.2013
BKM Express receives Merchant Payments Ecosystem Award in Berlin 01.03.2013
Total of 3 ATM fraudsters get caught in Istanbul 20.02.2013
Denizbank and PaybyMe launch PaybyMe Card in Turkey 19.02.2013
POSs start to print sales draft and receipt at the same time in Turkey as of the 1st of July 2013 09.02.2013
According to Visa, consumption might increase by 5 percent in Turkey 01.02.2013
An ATM scammer gets caught in Izmir 01.02.2013
It will be possible to make card payments by using cell phones in Turkey 29.01.2013
9 to 12 months limitation on installment card charges 26.01.2013
BKM starts talking to CUP for acquiring CUP cards in Turkey 24.01.2013
A young man uses his friend's credit card without permission while he was sleeping 23.01.2013
Botnet operation in Istanbul: 6 in custody 11.01.2013
Beware of fake credit card statements 02.01.2013
BDDK warns Turkish e-banking users about dangerous FATMAL virus 29.12.2012
Plastic card debt usurer operation in Gaziantep: 30 in custody 27.12.2012
There is a direct relationship between e-commerce transactions and income levels of Turkish cardholders 24.12.2012
The Turkish Police finds out a new technique of card scamming after an operation in several cities 14.12.2012
Halkbank introduces a brand new card program in Turkey, Paraf 04.12.2012
Plastic card fraudsters target retired card users at ATMs by placing Lebanese loop traps 03.12.2012
The number of plastic cards in Turkey reaches 144 Million level according to BKM 24.11.2012
Beware of a serious virus carrying police logo 09.11.2012
Total of 18 card fraudsters get caught in Turkey while having a luxury vacation 09.11.2012
Türkiye Finans offers Finansör bank card program for urgent consumer needs 04.11.2012
Two Bulgarian ATM fraudsters get caught in Edirne 02.11.2012
Isbank offers Paracode program and cell phones become a part of credit card application 01.11.2012
E-commerce transaction volume increases by 35 percent during the first nine months of 2012 in Turkey 30.10.2012
A Bulgarian woman gets caught with a handbag full of ATM traps at Kapıkule Customs 24.10.2012
Cell phones will be new mobile payment devices including cash transactions 15.10.2012
Bank Asya starts to issue credit card in just fifteen minutes in all branches 15.10.2012
Total of 6.5 million credit cards were blocked for cash withdrawal and created an illegal business opportunity 14.10.2012
Big operation on card fraudsters in five different cities in Turkey 12.10.2012
56 year old housewife has 44 companies registered on her name without her knowledge 05.10.2012
Total of 3 ATM scammers get caught in Istanbul 15.09.2012
Total of 4 SMS fraudsters get caught in Istanbul 08.09.2012
Cardholders shoul not dump unused credit cards 08.09.2012
Turkish cardholders charged 34 Billion TL during Ramadan period 29.08.2012
Credit card spendings reach a half a billion Euros in London 2012 Olympics 05.08.2012
An organized credit card fraudster chain gets caught in Adana 03.08.2012
Fraudsters target an ATM machine in Tuzlucayir, Ankara 03.08.2012
The Thailand Police arrests total of three Turkish plastic card fraudsters 22.07.2012
Sberbank of Russia introduces its solar system ATMs in the Republic of Tuva 17.07.2012
American retailers win plastic card commission debate against Visa and MasterCard 15.07.2012
Digital wallet system BKMExpress starts in Turkey 22.06.2012
Bay bay nakit program deserves Cards and Payments Europe 2012 Trailblazer award 28.05.2012
HSBC Turkey introduces its new services: Trust and Cure 20.05.2012
Miles & Smiles becomes a co-branded credit card and flies away with THY 09.05.2012
Fake bank scam in Istanbul 30.04.2012
Turkish businessman finds a very foxy solution for getting rid of credit card debt 29.04.2012
BKM starts to inform Apple, Android and Blackberry users about the nearest ATM location in Turkey 17.04.2012
BBVA prefers Bonus Card and transfers 2 Billion Euro worth of payment system technology to Turkey 17.04.2012
Beware of delivery man with two POS machines in hand 17.04.2012
According to BKM current data minimum payment preference on credit cards decreases in Turkey 14.04.2012
Turkish customs officers keep an eye on internet transactions for stopping druck trafficking 08.04.2012
Visa Turkey introduces Visa POSMoney service with famous Turkish POP Singer Hadise in Turkey 04.04.2012
Global Payments announces a big data breach: 1.5 Million account info is stolen 03.04.2012
Yalcin Sezen becomes the new Chairman of The Board of Directors of BKM 30.03.2012
EPC:Turkish plastic card payment system becomes a brand name in the world 14.03.2012
Brand new ATM fraud technique in Turkey 11.03.2012
Turkish women are more conscious about plastic card usage 07.03.2012
Two ATM fraudsters get caught in Adana 10.02.2012
According to BKM Turkish debit and credit cardholders spent total of 546 Million TL and completed 3.3 Billion transactions in Turkey in 2011 10.02.2012
Average credit card ownership is 1.6 and debit card ownership is 1.4 in Turkey 07.02.2012
A million TL ATM scam in Antalya and Istanbul:Total of 6 fraudsters in custody 03.02.2012
Total of 6 Lebanese loop fraudsters get caught 08.01.2012
Turkey becomes a role model in m-wallet payment systems in Europe 27.12.2011
Unidentified people steals an ATM machine by using a minibus in Zonguldak 27.12.2011
Wings Card changes its structure and offers collected mile usage for card payments 14.12.2011
Organized Bulgarian ATM fraudsters get caught in Istanbul 12.12.2011
Mastercard prefers to introduce MasterCard Mobile Systems in Turkey 07.12.2011
Total of 20 plastic card fraudsters get caught in Antalya and other cities 06.12.2011
One in every five Turkish cardholders prefer online shopping 03.12.2011
Total of 8 plastic card fraudsters get caught in Adana 02.12.2011
Visa Turkey CEO Berna Ulman says mobil payment system will become popular 21.11.2011
Important warnings to plastic card users from the Police 13.11.2011
Halkbank prefers M/Chip Advantage technology in Bank24 Jet Card 11.11.2011
Internet scam by using the earthquake in Van 06.11.2011
Fraudsters use the advantage of having a banker in their scams 05.11.2011
Organized criminals use Zeus banking virus to capture 30.000 credit card info 05.11.2011
Pay strict attention on Facebook and Twitter 04.11.2011
Turkish cardholders spent 10 Billion USD within nine months of 2011 02.11.2011
Plastic card usage on gas purchase increases 26 percent 25.10.2011
Foreign cardholders spent 1 Billion Euros in Turkey 16.10.2011
Fake website scam:110 fake websites and 872 fraud cases 11.10.2011
Approximately one hundred thousand credit cards are blocked for cash withdrawal 09.10.2011
Visa debit card users soon will be able to withdraw cash from merchants in Turkey 23.09.2011
Half a million TL internet banking scam in Turkey by using powerful keyloggers 23.09.2011
A 27 year old man scams banks by making fake IDs 16.09.2011
Turkish cardholders spent 2.5 Billion TL during Ramadan holiday 14.09.2011
PTT&Denizbank payment system partnership targets retired people 14.09.2011
The last four days for Turkish cardholders to resolve their card payment problems 13.09.2011
Organized courier service scam in Istanbul: 5 in custody 20.08.2011
Police warnings on ATMs in Izmir 12.08.2011
Total of 5 Million TL scam by organized cyber criminals 12.08.2011
Total of 9 Turkish card issuers listed among top European card league 07.08.2011
According to Nazan Somer Turkish credit card market will expand about 22 percent 07.08.2011
Foreign cardholders spent 2.3 Billion USD during the first half of 2011 02.08.2011
Credit card market grows continuously in Turkey 31.07.2011
Credit card usage increases by 3.9% in June 2011 27.07.2011
Vacation budget for Turkish people is no more than 1.000 TL 25.07.2011
Consumer loan and credit card usage go over 200 Billion TL 24.07.2011
Internet banking scammer could not run away from the police 08.07.2011
Two Turkish ATM fraudsters get caught in the US 08.07.2011
BKM names new CEO: Soner Canko 07.07.2011
MasterCard Worldwide:"Istanbul will be the hottest tourist spot in the world in 2011" 02.07.2011
Debit card usage increases in Turkey 29.06.2011
Two Bulgarian ATM fraudsters get caught in Bursa 28.06.2011
Father’s day card spending becomes first among all special days 23.06.2011
Be careful! You might have the same problem 18.06.2011
Total of 140 American credit cards were used in fraudulent transactions at a three star hotel in Antalya 03.06.2011
Credit card fraud operation in Istanbul: 8 in custody 03.06.2011
BKM starts a long term card campaign against cash usage 24.05.2011
Total of 15 fake card scammers get caught in Izmir 20.05.2011
ATM fraudsters attack 150 bank accounts in Kocaeli, Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya 13.05.2011
Frausters install a card skimmer to an ATM in Edirne 03.05.2011
Credit card operation in Istanbul: 10 in custody 25.04.2011
Yapi Kredi Bank starts to offer Pay Mobile service in Turkey 24.04.2011
"Cep-T wallet" period starts at Turkcell 19.04.2011
Cardholders charged 1.5 Billion TL in the first week of Istanbul Shopping Festival 27.03.2011
Organized criminals share Istanbul for their fraudulent activities 26.03.2011
Total of 36 organized criminals get arrested in Kocaeli and Istanbul 28.02.2011
Mami gangs can issue a brand new plastic in 20 minutes in Turkey 25.02.2011
1.158 stolen account info was saved by the Turkish police 25.02.2011
Early morning hacker operation in Istanbul: 15 in custody 23.02.2011
Visa card usage increases in Turkey according to Visa Turkey 23.02.2011
Plastic card fraudsters get caught in Izmir: 25 in custody 22.02.2011
Scammers receive 15.000 TL consumer loan by using a lost ID 19.02.2011
A soap opera star falls into an ATM trap in Istanbul 17.02.2011
Turkish cardholders charged 267 Million TL during the winter break 11.02.2011
iPhone becomes an NFC payment instrument after installing iCarte in Turkey 26.01.2011
An organized fraud chain is busted in Izmir, Manisa, Aydin, Mugla and Denizli 25.01.2011
Card spending passes 236 Billion TL level and fraud migrates to weak countries 25.01.2011
Vakıfbank receives the most creative state payment method award with Gümkart 23.01.2011
250 Million TL fake POS sales operation in Konya 10.01.2011
Turkish cardholders used plastic cards 9 times a month and charged 45 TL more according to MasterIndex survey 07.01.2011
Turkish people preferred to celebrate new year night at home and card charges doubled, market spendings ranked first 05.01.2011
Bad News: Two million TL ATM scam in Turkey; Good News: Total of five fraudsters get caught 28.12.2010
Fraudsters target an elderly couple in Adana 26.12.2010
An ATM fraudster gets caught in G.Antep 20.12.2010
An ATM trap was recovered in Beyoglu, Istanbul 19.12.2010
BDDK announces new card regulations in Turkey 17.12.2010
Delinquent card debts reach 4.2 Billion TL 11.12.2010
Bank Asya announces "Dıt Mobil" program and expends its mobile payment applications 11.12.2010
Bonus & Avea partnership in NFC technology 09.12.2010
Total of six ATM fraudsters get caught in Izmir 07.12.2010
Turkish banks start to increase card limits 07.12.2010
Four Malaysian fraudsters get caught in Istanbul 06.12.2010
Denizbank wins tender for PTT cards and targets four million 01.12.2010
Finansbank plans to issue Cardfinans One in 2011 01.12.2010
Yapi ve Kredi offers ATMs and POSs for disabled users 01.12.2010
Turkish cardholders charged 2.1 Billion TL during holiday feast 24.11.2010
ATM operations in Izmir, Bursa & Sakarya: 3 in custody 15.11.2010
ATM robbery attempt in Konya 15.11.2010
Ş.Urfa originated plastic card gangs get caught 05.11.2010
20 gang members are in custody for plastic card fraud 05.11.2010
12 plastic card fraudsters get caught in Izmir 05.11.2010
PTTmatics are coming 04.11.2010
TEB issues bank card with touch screen function 02.11.2010
VisaTurkey: "Turkey is the leading country in payment systems in Europe " 01.11.2010
Turkish cardholders withdrew 200 Billion TL and charged 7 Billion TL on bank cards in one year 26.10.2010
Card operation in Ankara: 7 gang members were arrested 22.10.2010
Seven ATM fraudsters get caught in Izmir 21.10.2010
Credit cards keep inflation rate low in an economy 18.10.2010
Organized criminals emptied bank accounts in six cities 15.10.2010
Unlimited plastic card fraudsters get caught in Turkey 03.10.2010
Scammers get caught in Izmir 26.09.2010
Every two out of ten Turkish cardholders shop online 30.08.2010
Credit card usage increases in Turkey 24.08.2010
Fraudsters get caught in Aydin, Mugla and G.Antep 24.08.2010
ATM scammers target a bank’s ATMs on Istanbul-Mersin route and get caught 23.08.2010
Finansbank issues Doctors card and targets 60.000 doctors in 3 years 05.08.2010
Akbank & Visa Europe agree on integrating contactless card technology with cell phones 05.08.2010
Hackers steal 70 Million ID info 27.07.2010
Loan scam by using a friend’s ID in Izmir 21.07.2010
Card scammers enjoy high-style living in Izmir 17.07.2010
Card scammers empty 858 bank accounts in Istanbul 16.07.2010
Fingerprint verification at ATMs starts in Turkey 11.07.2010
1 Million Euro card scam in Antalya & Konya 09.07.2010
ATMs with letter keyboard are in service in Turkey by YKB 01.07.2010
MasterCard: "Turkish banks request and card technology progresses " 27.06.2010
Skimmers get caught with 10.000 card data in Istanbul 26.06.2010
Due to Father’s Day & report card gifts card charges reach 715 Million TL 23.06.2010
New era in credit card world 22.06.2010
Credit card fraud by courier company personnel in Istanbul 11.06.2010
Debit card with user screen is coming out 04.06.2010
Organized criminals get caught with skimmers in hand 22.05.2010
A fake ID user gets caught in Istanbul 21.05.2010
Turkish cardholders spent 682 Million TL for mothers, 43 Million TL more than for valentines 12.05.2010
Hacker disconnects cell phone and then empties a bank account 09.05.2010
Card skimming operation in Mugla & Antalya: 13 in custody 04.05.2010
The number of delinquent accounts increase 30.04.2010
Total of six internet banking fraudsters get caught in Gebze 29.04.2010
London metro & Kayseri public bus cards will be on a single plastic soon 29.04.2010
Internal revenue office chases illegal moneylenders with POS 26.04.2010
Akbank developed "credit machine" and influences Latin American bankers 26.04.2010
Cash advance reaches 20 Billion TL in Turkey and instant credit becomes popular 26.04.2010
An elder person faces financial difficulties after losing his ID card 25.04.2010
5 year imprisonment for ATM theft 20.04.2010
Another card surprise from BDDK to Turkish banks 19.04.2010
An ATM fraudster gets caught in Izmir 19.04.2010
www.kredikartiborcuode.com trap in Istanbul 03.04.2010
Stealing a credit card is a different crime, using it is another 02.04.2010
100 Million Euro card scam in Antalya 19.03.2010
Visa determines 2012 for mobile payments 18.03.2010
Upper middle income class in Turkey is very cautious about spending 16.03.2010
A scary jump in delinquent card and loan payments in Turkey 09.03.2010
A sumo wrestler gets caught while stealing an ATM machine on his back 07.03.2010
New Yapi ve Kredi Bank ATMs are in service for disabled people 03.03.2010
Unmanned bank branch period is started by Ziraat Bankasi in Turkey 02.03.2010
Bonus cardholders redeem cash points for cell phone minutes 28.02.2010
Credit cards will be integrated with cell phones 28.02.2010
Total amount of Visa card transactions reaches 100 Billion TL in Turkey in 2009 19.02.2010
86 TL per card transaction on Valentine's Day in Turkey 18.02.2010
Your pin can be cracked in 5 minutes 14.02.2010
6 Million TL fake ID scam in Istanbul 12.02.2010
A serious threat for millions of chip&pin users was announced by Cambridge University 12.02.2010
Card skimmers target foreign cardholders in eight different cities 11.02.2010
Stolen IDs ruin a PE teacher's life 09.02.2010
Visa cards with CodeSure technology will be in trial in April by YKB 02.02.2010
Turkish cardholders spent 205 Billion TL in 2009 26.01.2010
One Million TL card scam in Izmir, Aydın, Mugla & Antalya 25.01.2010
A university student Nurhan is the head of ATM scammers 16.01.2010
Retired blue collar worker had a heart attack due to an ID theft 12.01.2010
An unbelievable cell phone minute scam in Istanbul 12.01.2010
The total number of MasterCard PayPass cards reach 1 Million level in Turkey 10.01.2010
Turkish cardholders welcomed new year at home and charged 666 Million TL 09.01.2010
Turkish people prefer to stay at home for new year celebration according to MasterIndex survey 26.12.2009
Visa:"Payment through cell phones begin. Necklace & bracelet are next generation" 24.12.2009
Single card project for transportation starts in Turkey 22.12.2009
An ID theft turns a young man's life upside down 21.12.2009
Three Bulgarian fraudsters get caught in Istanbul 18.12.2009
Plastic card fraudsters get caught in Istanbul 15.12.2009
Dynamic password period starts on 01 January 2010 in Turkey 13.12.2009
Government regulation on plastic card spending limit in Turkey 09.12.2009
Young Turkish citizens do not save according to recent Visa survey 08.12.2009
Lost ID causes a big headache to a 56 year old woman in Izmir 06.12.2009
Turkish cardholders spent 1 Billion TL during Eid-Al-Adha 05.12.2009
Four plastic card fraudsters get busted in Kirikkale 24.11.2009
Total of seven organized chain members get caught in Denizli 24.11.2009
A primary school graduate hacker gets caught in Izmir 18.11.2009
100.000 credit cards will be renewed by German banks due to card data theft in Spain 18.11.2009
Fans without a Bonus Card will not be able to get in TT Arena 17.11.2009
Vakifbank issues a brand new credit card in a partnership with Antalyaspor 17.11.2009
Card operation in six different cities: 11 in custody 16.11.2009
An ATM trap was recovered in Fatih, Istanbul 15.11.2009
Turkish banks save 5 Million TL in the first month from shared ATMs 15.11.2009
Cards that reward customer loyalty 14.11.2009
The number of delinquent cards reach 1 Million 288 Thousand 14.11.2009
Plastic card fraud operation in Izmir 10.11.2009
Banks post transaction fee information on shared ATMs in Turkey 09.11.2009
Three arrested for card fraud in Tokat 06.11.2009
5 Million Euros plastic card fraud in Antalya 30.10.2009
Visa Europe: " Future in the card market will be contactless " 27.10.2009
A retired person was scammed at an ATM in Konya 26.10.2009
Four internet banking fraudsters arrested in Kastamonu 25.10.2009
The number of Garanti Bank's shared POS reaches just above 100.000 24.10.2009
An organized crime chain gets caught in Ankara 18.10.2009
Diebold opens an office in Turkey 15.10.2009
MasterCard: " Plastic cards become more secure and Turkey leads European market " 12.10.2009
Turkish banks announce shared ATM commissions 11.10.2009
ATM transactions increased by 36% in the first week of shared ATM period according to BKM 09.10.2009
Card operation in Antalya: 6 fraudsters in custody 07.10.2009
Head of organized criminals get caught after coming back from vacation 03.10.2009
A cardholder chains an ATM machine after it captures his card 03.10.2009
According to The Nilson Report Garanti Bank becomes No.7 in credit card market in Europe 03.10.2009
Total of 29 gangs get arrested 29.09.2009
Turkish cardholders charged more than 1.137 Billion TL during the Eid Holidays 28.09.2009
Number of delinquent cardholders jumps over 1.7 Million in Turkey 26.09.2009
A thief steals a cell phone and finds out pin numbers for plastic cards 17.09.2009
Shared ATM period starts on 01 October 2009 in Turkey 09.09.2009
15 Turkish banks extend time frame for card debt peace program 08.09.2009
Six card skimmers get caught in Antalya 07.09.2009
Card debt peace program reaches 784.6 Million TL & Turkish banks extend time frame 07.09.2009
ATM scammer gets caught in Ordu 06.09.2009
Fraudulent application scam in Ankara:2 custodies 30.08.2009
Vision and voice messages on Ingenico POS machines 29.08.2009
Last week reminder for credit card debt payment 26.08.2009
Lost ID card turns a 33 year old man's life upside down in Konya 21.08.2009
One custody for internet scam in Izmir 20.08.2009
130 Million plastic card data is stolen in the US 18.08.2009
Two custodies for internet scam in Istanbul 06.08.2009
Total consumer debt to banks jumps over 117.5 Billion TL 06.08.2009
Scammers clear out bank accounts that belong to Coach Riza Calimbay and known businessmen 05.08.2009
Preference and use of Visa branded plastics increase 04.08.2009
Three arrests for credit card fraud in Bodrum 29.07.2009
The number of e-commerce merchants reach 47 Thousand and average spending jumps up to 136 TL per person in Turkey 26.07.2009
Denizbank, Finansbank and TEB establish a company for ATM and cash services 20.07.2009
BKM supports card debtors by using inserts 17.07.2009
Scammed shops by using a lost ID card in Samsun 14.07.2009
Verifone's contactless success started in Turkey and reached to Nigeria 11.07.2009
Total consumer debt to banks jumps over 118 billion TL 09.07.2009
"Shared PIN is not a secured PIN" campaign by BKM in Turkey 03.07.2009
Secret codes and methods of ATM fraudsters 03.07.2009
Interesting advantages and opportunities of credit cards in Turkey 03.07.2009
A banker identifies fraudulent application in Izmir 02.07.2009
International credit card fraud in Australia, UK and Spain 02.07.2009
Beware of SMS messages 01.07.2009
Retired marshal gets arrested for fake credit card scam 29.06.2009
Mobile payment project by Akbank & Turkcell 29.06.2009
Organized fraudsters hack 200.000 accounts in Turkey 27.06.2009
Fugitive hacker gets caught in Izmir 24.06.2009
The Constitution of The Republic of Turkey approves new credit cards law 24.06.2009
41 year old woman finds out ID theft fraud at a bank branch in Antalya 22.06.2009
45 Thousand credit cards were stoplisted in Belgium due to international fraudulent usage 17.06.2009
30 people are in custody for fraudulent application activities in Bursa 15.06.2009
A teacher had hijacker fear for three hours in Mersin 13.06.2009
A retired teacher receives 20 year of imprisonment sentence in Eskisehir 12.06.2009
Two ATM fraudsters get caught in Yalova 12.06.2009
Fake credit card operation in Urfa: 6 fraudsters in custody 12.06.2009
Tarkan's hacker cousin Mehmet T. and his gangs get arrested in Istanbul for internet banking scam 12.06.2009
A government officer gets arrested for ID theft in Kastamonu 10.06.2009
Akbank offers banking services at Carrefoursa supermarkets 10.06.2009
"TaxiPos" service is available in 400 taxis in Istanbul 09.06.2009
Visa increases its market share by 36% in Turkey 09.06.2009
Total consumer debt to banks jumps over 115 billion TL 04.06.2009
Turkish cardholders charge 881 TL per month on plastics 03.06.2009
Lost ID card places a farmer in black list 02.06.2009
Visa Turkey: "If debit cards are used for shopping 77 Billion Euro will stay in banking system " 01.06.2009
E-banking fraudsters get caught in Istanbul 31.05.2009
15 organized crime members get caught in five cities 30.05.2009
International card fraudsters get caught 29.05.2009
Internet fraudsters get caught in Adana and Kirikkale 28.05.2009
18 custody for card skimming and internet banking fraud in Kocaeli,Istanbul,Agri,Balıkesir and Sakarya 27.05.2009
Amateur ATM robbers get caught in Zonguldak 26.05.2009
Finansbank started "installment transaction by debit card" period in Turkey 22.05.2009
Big internet banking scam in Istanbul 21.05.2009
Pink Point ATM network project ends with a big failure 21.05.2009
The total number of debtors increased by 18.4 percent in March 2009 18.05.2009
Card fraud decreased sharply according to BKM 18.05.2009
840 Thousand USD scam money in lover's suitcase 14.05.2009
Master Index: The biggest dream of the Turkish community is to buy their own house 13.05.2009
Internal revenue office checks on usurers with POS 13.05.2009
Friendly fraud in Antalya 11.05.2009
MasterCard Europe: "Europeans are scared of global economic crisis" 09.05.2009
Garanti Bank & Migros partnership for "Visa Money Card" 09.05.2009
Plastic card fraud operations in Istanbul & Izmir: 11 in custody 09.05.2009
New technique in card fraud 07.05.2009
Card fee will be paid once in three years in Turkey 06.05.2009
Counterfeit card operation in Yozgat 06.05.2009
Yearly card fee is still a problem in Turkey 04.05.2009
Visa donated 1.3 Million Euros and education campaign reached 40.000 children 04.05.2009
Miles cards offer free tickets, hotel accommodation and free tours in Turkey 04.05.2009
District governor in Gumushane targeted by internet banking fraudsters 29.04.2009
Turkish cardholders say "YES" to credit card, "NO" to debit card 28.04.2009
Hacker stole and bank has to pay back 27.04.2009
MasterCard & IPhone partnership: ATM Hunter 26.04.2009
The total number of card customers decreased by 7% in 2008 in Turkey 24.04.2009
Turkish cardholders shop with their partners and prefer Sundays according to Visa Europe survey 21.04.2009
Somebody else withdrew an elder's money from an ATM 20.04.2009
46 Billion TL card sales volume in the first quarter of 2009 20.04.2009
Balance sheet and green dream operations by the police 19.04.2009
Total consumer debt to banks jumps over 113.5 Billion TL 17.04.2009
ATM theft attempt like a movie scenario 17.04.2009
Card thieves get caught while using a stolen card in Adana 15.04.2009
An attorney's victory in Bodrum 13.04.2009
Master Index: Turkish women invest on gold, men prefer bank interest 10.04.2009
Consumer loan debtors decreased in the first quarter 09.04.2009
TEB starts mobile ATM service in Turkey 06.04.2009
MasterCard PayPass product reaches 50 Million people 05.04.2009
A Lebanese loop is recovered at an ATM in Canakkale 30.03.2009
Two Romanian fraudsters get caught in Izmir 28.03.2009
A young man scams his elder brother in Eskisehir 27.03.2009
ATM theft in Adapazarı 26.03.2009
Visa: "Turkey leads Europe in contactless cards" 26.03.2009
ATM theft in Adapazari for 60.000 TL 24.03.2009
Two arrested for elderly scam in Corum 24.03.2009
Turkish Central Bank decreases maximum interest rates on credit cards 20.03.2009
Fraud operation in Adana, Urfa, Antalya and Konya: 11 in custody 20.03.2009
Virus alarm in ATMs 19.03.2009
Cell phone minute scam in Urgup 18.03.2009
A state inspector was scammed for 9.164 TL 18.03.2009
The second global crisis started in credit card payments 18.03.2009
The truth about credit card usage in Turkey 18.03.2009
Fraudsters skimmed debit cards and withdrew money in Izmir 17.03.2009
Payment card fraud operation in Istanbul 17.03.2009
E-banking scam warning by Akbank 16.03.2009
ATM robbery attempt in Cankiri 15.03.2009
A man worked 28 years and retired behind a fake ID 15.03.2009
Three arrests for credit card fraud in Antalya 12.03.2009
10th Masterindex survey shows interesting findings in the Turkish payment card market 12.03.2009
Loan and card application by fake documents in Konya 09.03.2009
Card blacklist reaches 2 million 300 people in Turkey 09.03.2009
Virtual market creates living for 17 thousand people in Turkey 06.03.2009
ATM theft attempt by screwdriver in Adana 04.03.2009
ATM scammers get busted in Tekirdag; 7 arrests 03.03.2009
Six custody for internet gambling in Kayseri 26.02.2009
1 Million TL internet banking scam in Turkey 26.02.2009
Catastrophic loan debt in Turkey becomes scary 25.02.2009
Dormant account scam in Istanbul 24.02.2009
Global crisis reminded banks shared POS systems in Turkey 24.02.2009
Economic crisis did not effect lovers in Turkey 21.02.2009
Card spending jumped up by 53% in Turkey on Valentine's Day 20.02.2009
ATM scammers get busted in Ankara; 20 arrests 13.02.2009
Banks’ credibility safe, sound in Turkey 11.02.2009
A 20 year old man was stabbed while withdrawing money from an ATM in Eskisehir 09.02.2009
Plastic card fraud operation in Kocaeli, Izmir and Istanbul 09.02.2009
The total number of card debtors increased by 253.1 percent in 2008 07.02.2009
Bank scam in Iskenderun 06.02.2009
Total consumer debt to banks jumps over 113 Billion TL 05.02.2009
Retired Supreme Court judge scammed in Ankara 05.02.2009
13 cell phone minute scammers get caught in Urfa 01.02.2009
Fraudsters emptied two doctors' bank accounts in Sakarya 29.01.2009
Court rules in favor of a customer in Erzurum 29.01.2009
ATMs at petrol stations 28.01.2009
Petrol Ofisi customers will be able to use Pink Point ATM network 27.01.2009
User friendly web site from TEB goes live 27.01.2009
Gambling scam in Turkey 27.01.2009
Turkish banking watchdog introduces stronger information security standards 24.01.2009
Akbank will issue MasterCard Pay-Pass cards 24.01.2009
Cell phone minute scam by using Ergenekon lawcase in Adana 23.01.2009
Four arrests for e-commerce scam in Malatya 22.01.2009
10 fraudsters in custody for fake business scam in Yalova 22.01.2009
Philippe Menier: Turkey is a very important card market for Visa Europe 21.01.2009
Usurers get caught in Urfa 21.01.2009
Lost ID card costs an artist hard times 17.01.2009
21% increase in credit card sales volume expectation in Turkey 15.01.2009
Turkish banking watchdog to launch new regulation for troubled loans 13.01.2009
Ziraat Bank wins Visa award 11.01.2009
MasterCard buys Irish Orbiscom 10.01.2009
ATM thieves get caught in Duzce 08.01.2009
E-commerce scam in Giresun 08.01.2009
A Lebanese loop is recovered at an ATM in Adana 07.01.2009
Sometimes do not trust what you see 06.01.2009
You won a prize send cell phone minute scam 06.01.2009
Mobese CCTV records a fraudster in Bilecik 06.01.2009
Security guards become ATM thieves in Adana 05.01.2009
ATM theft in K.Maras for 5.000 YTL 05.01.2009
Scary plan, bank fraud and homicide in Adana 05.01.2009
ATM adjustment for TL costs about 5 USD per ATM and time 04.01.2009
100.000 YTL internet scam in Izmir 01.01.2009
Turkish shoppers spent 50 Million TL for new year shopping 01.01.2009
Motor vehicle tax can be paid by credit card 01.01.2009
Visa Europe's new campaign 1.000 books to children 31.12.2008
Usurers rise as credit crunch hurts consumers 29.12.2008
Click & Win scammer gets caught in Van 29.12.2008
Beware of bank card usage on new year day 29.12.2008
A new trap for credit card debtors 28.12.2008
Buy a second hand car by credit card 24.12.2008
Tik Tak scam in Izmir 24.12.2008
Banks in Turkey offer consumer loan with no interest based on spending commitment 22.12.2008
Cross border job scam in Adana 22.12.2008
Turkish cardholders charged 886 Million YTL during past holiday period 21.12.2008
A teacher lost ID card and got arrested for debt 18.12.2008
Fraudsters ruined an elder's life 18.12.2008
Steal first and then sell data 15.12.2008
Wide variety of exchange rate practices on cross-border charges confusing people 15.12.2008
Court rules in favor of a retired cardholder who lost his card 14.12.2008
Another cell phone minute scam in Izmir 13.12.2008
4.5 Million Brits still trying to pay for card debt from last Christmas 13.12.2008
Call center service for disabled people by YKB 12.12.2008
Interest rates on cards stay unchanged for the first quarter of 2009 12.12.2008
Istanbul ranked No 15 among developing cities in the world 12.12.2008
Total debt on each card reaches 5.550 USD by Americans whereas it is only 639 USD in Turkey 11.12.2008
Romanian ATM scammers get caught in Istanbul 08.12.2008
POS may become VAT device in Turkey 08.12.2008
An intoxicated person damages ATM machine in Adana for not getting cash 07.12.2008
ATM scam like a movie scenario in Izmir 06.12.2008
A beauty queen becomes a gang member in Istanbul 06.12.2008
Safe burglars get caught in Mersin 05.12.2008
2.5 Million YTL e-banking scam in Izmir 05.12.2008
Easy ways to identify fake money in Turkey 05.12.2008
Burglars prefer full mailboxes at homes 05.12.2008
Beware of plastic card usage these days 04.12.2008
ATM thieves get caught in Marmaris 03.12.2008
Antalya based fraudsters emptied hundreds of people's accounts and skimmed credit cards 03.12.2008
Self service bank branches are coming soon 01.12.2008
Internet fraudsters get caught in Antalya 01.12.2008
Dumped dead uncle's body in the garbage and withdrew his salary 3 years 30.11.2008
Fraudster gets caught while using a fake ID in Sivas 30.11.2008
Garanti introduces Bonus Trink in Romania 30.11.2008
MASAK expands address verification time limit for outstanding customers 29.11.2008
Consumer loan debtors increased by 1.8% in October 28.11.2008
Credit cards will hurt even more in the near future 28.11.2008
Serious virus threat once in 20 minutes 28.11.2008
ID theft victim in İstanbul gets arrested 27.11.2008
2.5 years fine for e-banking scam in Izmir 27.11.2008
Total consumer debt to banks reaches 114.3 Billion YTL 27.11.2008
Thieves stole 50 Thousand YTL from an ATM in Konya 26.11.2008
Electric shocks an ATM thief in Bodrum 24.11.2008
E-commerce fraud reaches 5 Billion USD in 2008 according to Symantec report 24.11.2008
Two arrests for card fraud in Malatya 24.11.2008
ATM thieves get caught in Elazig 21.11.2008
E-commerce fraudsters get caught in Aydın 20.11.2008
Turkish cardholders increase card usage sharply 19.11.2008
MasterCard introduces new small business card package 19.11.2008
Beware of fake police scam 18.11.2008
ATM thieves started gun fire in Adana: 1 dead 17.11.2008
Three arrests for card skimming in Izmir 15.11.2008
E-banking scammers emptied police's account in Afyon 13.11.2008
Obama spam messages in circulation 13.11.2008
MSN hacker caught in Konya 11.11.2008
We did not steal the card; found it on the ground and used it 10.11.2008
Contactless payments reach 5.6 Billion Euros in Turkey 09.11.2008
Service guy threatens to become a hacker in Bursa 08.11.2008
Card debt brokers become active in Turkey 07.11.2008
Organized credit card fraudsters caught in Adana, Ankara & Antalya 07.11.2008
Cell phone back up for hackers 07.11.2008
Visa Intl sees future in mobile payments 07.11.2008
Wedding promise scam in Ankara 07.11.2008
Fake ID gangs get caught in Trabzon & Giresun 06.11.2008
Brand new small business card package by MasterCard Turkey 05.11.2008
Traffic fines and taxes can be paid by credit cards in Turkey 05.11.2008
Delinquent payments skyrocketed in September 05.11.2008
Beware of cell phone scam in Turkey 02.11.2008
Philip Morris & Garanti Bank POS project for convenience stores starts 29.10.2008
Hacker Ali gets caught again in Istanbul 25.10.2008
Faster payments through personalized statements 23.10.2008
Warning for cell phone users 21.10.2008
Users are worse than hackers 20.10.2008
New Turkish Citizen ID is in use 13.10.2008
Hotmail warns users about fake messages 11.10.2008
Blacksea region is the most economical in card usage 11.10.2008
Cyber criminals get busted in Kocaeli 10.10.2008
Lying in e-mail messaging seems a lot easier 10.10.2008
Anadolu Bank joins World Card family 07.10.2008
Fake YouTube can hurt 07.10.2008
The US is No1 for Turkish cardholders 05.10.2008
Scandal at T-Mobile in Germany 04.10.2008
Pop-up screens spread danger 03.10.2008
Akbank's Wings receive " The Best Launch in Europe in 2007 " award 02.10.2008
Young ladies hire hackers to check on boy friends 02.10.2008
Same hacker once again 01.10.2008
Dublicate payment surprise on cards 01.10.2008
Credit cards damage peddler business in Turkey 26.09.2008
Mail order fraudster gets caught in Ankara 24.09.2008
"Buy Airplane Ticket Online" scam spreads 24.09.2008
Primary school graduate hacker is under custody 22.09.2008
Do not trust how they seem 22.09.2008
Important warning about hoax e-mail messages from Microsoft 19.09.2008
Four fake card arrests in Mugla 17.09.2008
Cell phone number on cargo package uncovers famous hacker 17.09.2008
E-banking scam increases in Turkey 16.09.2008
Branch tellers become automatic in Turkey 14.09.2008
Hacker Chao was first arrested in Izmir in 2000 13.09.2008
No 4 of the most dangerous fraudster gets busted 12.09.2008
Customers pay for banks' technology investments 12.09.2008
Cell phone minute scam progresses in Turkey 12.09.2008
Credit cards damages human psychology 11.09.2008
Sharp increase in debt collecting in Bursa 11.09.2008
Akbank & Boyner's brand new card: Fish 11.09.2008
The poorer the Turkish cardholder, the higher the card usage according to MasterIndex 11.09.2008
Hackers do not stop in Canada 10.09.2008
Card war in Turkey gets tougher: Garanti offers a house for lucky cardholders 07.09.2008
Credit cards damage human psychology in Turkey 04.09.2008
Doctors start to have POS for payments in Turkey 31.08.2008
How banks' data were sold in e-bay? 29.08.2008
Hacker threat in Facebook 29.08.2008
Bank managers scammed their bank in Ankara 28.08.2008
Total consumer debt to banks jumps over 111 Billion YTL 28.08.2008
Halkbank introduces HalkCard Advantage KGS card 27.08.2008
Fake bankers get caught in Istanbul 27.08.2008
International scammers get caught in Istanbul 27.08.2008
Hacked accounts and exploited 26.08.2008
No crisis risk in payment card system in Turkey 26.08.2008
Lost driver's licence costs 10 years 25.08.2008
Visited relatives and got scammed 6.000 YTL 25.08.2008
Banks target cash usage by concentrating on pay-pass products 25.08.2008
Scammed 500K clients worldwide 25.08.2008
A surprising debt shock to a porter in Hatay 25.08.2008
Here is the talent of cyber criminals caught in Turkey 24.08.2008
Garanti receives the best European internet banking award 23.08.2008
International cyber criminals get busted in Turkey 23.08.2008
An international fraud chain gets busted 21.08.2008
Turkey becomes No2 in spam abuse in the world 21.08.2008
A new trap on Facebook 13.08.2008
Step brother becomes his nightmare 12.08.2008
An unstoppable virus threat 12.08.2008
Facebook security is in question 11.08.2008
NY Times: Profit on credit cards is higher in Turkey than the US 11.08.2008
The Interbank Card Center ( BKM ) announces that there is no crisis risk in the card payment systems in Turkey 11.08.2008
Applied for Green Card in Adıyaman and became a scammer 07.08.2008
Looking dirty and smelling bad money is considered as a sign of money laundering attempt 07.08.2008
Important warning about internet security 06.08.2008
40 million card details were stolen in the US 06.08.2008
Vakıfbank joins World Card family 05.08.2008
CCTV camera helps to identify fraudsters in Eskisehir 05.08.2008
The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey warns PC users about gaps 05.08.2008
Some banks collect fee for automatic payments on credit cards 04.08.2008
Banks are in scope for AML compliance 04.08.2008
Turkey becomes one of MasterCard's innovation center candidates 03.08.2008
Garanti receives international paypass award 03.08.2008
Upward trend in cyber crime 02.08.2008
World Card becomes No8 in Europe according to The Nilson Report 02.08.2008
Card payment option is considered for traffic fines and car taxes 02.08.2008
Phishing scam about KEY payments 01.08.2008
Total consumer debt to banks reaches 108.5 Billion YTL 31.07.2008
Shared KEY data might cause scams 31.07.2008
6.440 YTL ATM theft in Nevsehir 31.07.2008
Offsite ATM project for quick service places starts in Southern Turkey 31.07.2008
8.5 Million Turkish Citizens' ID data could be compromised 30.07.2008
Sex trap scammers get caught in Yalova 29.07.2008
Dating scam in Amasya 29.07.2008
Turkish cardholders confuse about credit and debit cards 29.07.2008
E-commerce sales volume increases by 84% in the first half of 2008 in Turkey 28.07.2008
Security gap shock among banks' web sites in the US 28.07.2008
MC talks to football clubs in Turkey about paypass solutions 28.07.2008
80 Billion YTL charge in six months on cards in Turkey 28.07.2008
Itau Bank has interest in Akbank's credit machine in Turkey 27.07.2008
Halkbank joins Common Point ATM network 25.07.2008
Charcoal scam in Bursa targets elderly people 24.07.2008
F1 crash spam burns your PC 24.07.2008
Nurettin Yigit comes back and scams 2 Million YTL in Istanbul 23.07.2008
A Turkish hacker hits Kaspersky web site in Malaysia 23.07.2008
Number of active e-banking customers reaches 12 million in Turkey 23.07.2008
Police informs cardholders about ATM scams 22.07.2008
POS device will destroy itself in Turkey 22.07.2008
Self-defence from banks about yearly card fees 22.07.2008
Bank & Customer relationship in Turkey 22.07.2008
BDDK supports yearly card fees 21.07.2008
Limbo2 trojan threat 21.07.2008
A Thief steals 78 Thousand YTL from an ATM in Elazig 19.07.2008
Stolen ID ruins a bluecollar worker's life in Zonguldak 18.07.2008
E-Commerce scam in Izmir 18.07.2008
Axess supports NGOs in Turkey 17.07.2008
Operation Google in Konya 16.07.2008
Government's role in business relations 16.07.2008
Tough practices on card applications 15.07.2008
DIT Card by Bank Asya & MasterCard partnership 15.07.2008
Garanti Bank becomes the first issuer with 6 Million cards 15.07.2008
The number of TEB POSs increases 1250% in 3 years 15.07.2008
Big shock for banks in Turkey about yearly card fees 13.07.2008
3.000 YTL fine for an e-mail and MSN thief 12.07.2008
Beware of spam messages 11.07.2008
A man retires by using his brother's ID for years 08.07.2008
Do not leave your card unattended 04.07.2008
Number of debtors increased in May 2008 in Turkey 03.07.2008
Credit card payment available at taxis in Izmir 30.06.2008
An old scam returns in Ankara 30.06.2008
Court rules on stolen card with picture 28.06.2008
Akbank Web TV service is online 28.06.2008
Spam reaches enourmous levels 27.06.2008
Chinese hosting companies spread the virus on the internet 26.06.2008
Soccer players become new threat to PCs 25.06.2008
Do not share your DSL connection 25.06.2008
Visa Intl is working on credit card with built-in keyboard 20.06.2008
ATM fraudsters get caught by alarm system in Istanbul 19.06.2008
Turkish hackers do not stop:www.photobucket.com is hacked 19.06.2008
Internet could crash in 2012 19.06.2008
Credit card payments are available via cell phones in Turkey 19.06.2008
Cash usage causes 30 Million Euro lost in Euro 2008 17.06.2008
Account details come from hackers in e-banking scam 16.06.2008
Garanti Bank's new service: POSMATIK 15.06.2008
Thieves steal 120K YTL from an ATM in Adana 15.06.2008
Multi-face scammer Cevik gets caıught 14.06.2008
Vakıfbank introduces customs card " Gümkart " 13.06.2008
A big e-banking scam by a Turkish hacker 13.06.2008
A new ransomware threat 10.06.2008
YKB World Card starts intallment payment option on the air 08.06.2008
Owner turns an old ATM machine into a little cafe in Sivas 06.06.2008
The most dangerous websites are identified by McAfee 06.06.2008
CARDIST 2008 payment cards fair starts in Istanbul 05.06.2008
Total number of credit debtors increased by 5.3% in April 2008 04.06.2008
Fortis joins Yapi Kredi World Card family in Turkey 03.06.2008
A new city life with contactless cards 30.05.2008
Nuclear threat by russian hackers 30.05.2008
Debate continues over limit to credit card interest 29.05.2008
Extra time given to Doctors for POS usage 29.05.2008
Cell phone minute sellers submit mandatory daily sales report 29.05.2008
Some important highlights about credit cards 28.05.2008
Turkish bank watchdog opposes credit card bill 28.05.2008
A scammer gets caught when trying to establish a fake company in Istanbul 28.05.2008
Vakıfbank announces new consumer loan service 23.05.2008
Internet banking scam in Istanbul 23.05.2008
Turkish internet gamblers lost 1 Billion USD during the last six months 23.05.2008
BKM: The highest APR on credit cards is 54% in Turkey 23.05.2008
Offsite ATM project for quick service places in Turkey 22.05.2008
The most experienced ATM fraudster get caught again in Istanbul 16.05.2008
Fraudsters get caught in Istanbul 13.05.2008
Trend Micro: Web threats increase for financial gain 13.05.2008
Card trap was recovered at an ATM in G.Antep 12.05.2008
Number of taxis with POS increases in Turkey 12.05.2008
Another MSN threat 12.05.2008
Internet banking fraudsters get caught in Istanbul 07.05.2008
Your Google password is in danger 07.05.2008
Cyber crime rate increases in Ankara 06.05.2008
Two fraudsters get caught in Mugla 03.05.2008
Turkish PM's website is hacked 02.05.2008
Spam is now 30 year old 01.05.2008
Number of debtors increased in March 2008 in Turkey 01.05.2008
Fraudster got caught at a bank branch in Eskisehir with fake documents 01.05.2008
Data for sale on internet 25.04.2008
" Support Charities Campain " by YKB World Card 24.04.2008
Turkish cardholders charged 37 Billion YTL in the first quarter of 2008 23.04.2008
Retired people get scammed at ATM machines in Bursa 18.04.2008
Garanti Minimatik ATMs for children 18.04.2008
Card info is stolen from social networks in Turkey 18.04.2008
Internet banking scammer gets caught in a bank branch in Istanbul 18.04.2008
Do not let fraudsters steal your personal info while chatting on internet 16.04.2008
Skimmer is the most popular tool fraudsters use 15.04.2008
Daughter scams mother by fake ID 14.04.2008
Free train tickets from card issuers in Turkey 14.04.2008
Hackers new target: Social Networks 13.04.2008
Cardholders do not like to pay yearly card fees 11.04.2008
Hackers had a good time in Rio Carnival 10.04.2008
The number chip cards bearing MasterCard logo reaches 300 Million 09.04.2008
A very scary increase in the number of viruses 09.04.2008
HSBC lost 370 thousand customers' information 07.04.2008
Internet banking scammers get caught in a bank branch in Istanbul 05.04.2008
Internet scams reach record high in the U.S. 04.04.2008
The banks in Turkey postpone address verification operation for three months 04.04.2008
Retired people get scammed at ATM machines 02.04.2008
The number of credit debtors increased in February in Turkey 02.04.2008
Russian hacker gang gets caught in Izmir 29.03.2008
Consumer loans in Turkey increased to 70.7 Billion YTL as of 21st of March 27.03.2008
Visa Europe Faces New Antitrust Case 26.03.2008
Kicked out of Police force and organized his own gang in Izmir 26.03.2008
ATM fraudsters got caught by alarm system in Istanbul 25.03.2008
Izmir beauty helped police to catch 100 Million USD scam 23.03.2008
Safe service by one click introduced by a bank in the US 22.03.2008
According to a professional hacker there is no 100% secured website 20.03.2008
YTL interest rate on credit cards decreased 20.03.2008
Committed suicide because of card debt 20.03.2008
Visa Intl went on public and made 44 USD per share 20.03.2008
Change in consumer law will eliminate yearly card fees 19.03.2008
100 Million USD fraud in several cities 19.03.2008
Visa Intl has been preparing to go on public for 17 Billion USD 19.03.2008
Beware of shared ADSL usage 19.03.2008
Telephone bill shock with fake ID 18.03.2008
ATM theft in Kars - 80K YTL stolen 16.03.2008
According to ATO Turkish Government is losing 41% in e-commerce transactions 16.03.2008
Surprising platform from Akbank and Boyner: One 15.03.2008
Fraudster couple got caught in Istanbul 14.03.2008
The lowest spending limit on a credit card in the world was given to an applicant in Urfa 14.03.2008
Advantage will celebrate its 10th year with Kylie Minogue 14.03.2008
A fraudster gave himself up after 3.5 Trillion YTL fraud in Samsun 14.03.2008
Searching for monkey Jayne 13.03.2008
Hi, I am in Miami, FL breaking hazelnut 13.03.2008
40 people are in custody for fake scolarship attempt 11.03.2008
ID theft scam by using Kurt Cobain's ID 10.03.2008
Fraudsters opened up fake businesses by using jobless people and scammed 09.03.2008
Compounded interest system on credit cards will be regulated by act of congress 09.03.2008
Busted with 968 skimmed credit cards 08.03.2008
Beware! There are 30K skimmed cards in the market 07.03.2008
Beware of PKK virus on internet 07.03.2008
Total number of credit debtors increased to 67.337 people in January 2008 07.03.2008
A credit card scammer got caught at 36th attempt in Adana 06.03.2008
Scammers got caught in G.Antep 04.03.2008
City Hall's computers stolen in Rize 03.03.2008
Kidnapped and sold relative's baby to pay off her card debt 03.03.2008
Cell phone minute scam increases 03.03.2008
Cell phone minute scam in Istanbul 03.03.2008
Snatching increased and insurance coverage widened in Turkey 03.03.2008
Consumer debt to banks totals 95.4 Billion YTL 28.02.2008
Caught while scamming banks 27.02.2008
Multimedia POS by Akbank 27.02.2008
International organized gang busted in Istanbul 26.02.2008
Card partnership between HSBC Turkey & Pegasus Airlines 25.02.2008
Loyalty scam on credit cards in Istanbul 25.02.2008
Is cash advance by cards a crazy idea? 25.02.2008
Five internet fraudsters caught in Istanbul 23.02.2008
Hackers with language skills wanted 22.02.2008
Costly revenge on ex-wife and family in Denizli 22.02.2008
Organized gang ring busted in Mersin 21.02.2008
Total Valentine's Day card spending 420.3 Million YTL in Turkey 19.02.2008
Fake driver licence gang caught in Adana 19.02.2008
Student dismissal website got hacked 16.02.2008
Fake minister caught in Ankara 15.02.2008
ATM theft in Ankara 15.02.2008
Civil Security Foundation warns about fraud 15.02.2008
Last fraud attempt by the " crime machine " 15.02.2008
Arrest of 125 in crackdown on credit card forgery by Romanian gangs 15.02.2008
Disabled people scammed by fake Prime Ministry fraudsters 13.02.2008
Internal Revenue Service of Turkey put up an e-mail scam warning 12.02.2008
Cell phone minute scam on a branch manager of a national charity 12.02.2008
Internet doctor turned out to be a scammer 11.02.2008
Beware of Valentine's Day e-mail 11.02.2008
Bridal chamber gang caught in Bursa 10.02.2008
Every one out of two cardholders is in debt in Turkey 10.02.2008
A husband & wife gang caught in Eskisehir 09.02.2008
Husband scammed wife predending to be an undercover cop 08.02.2008
Holiday invitation scam 06.02.2008
Cheated on wife but couldn't scam the judge 06.02.2008
Bank covered the loss of an ATM fraud 05.02.2008
Russian website deciphering Turkish man got hacked 03.02.2008
161K credit card accounts got closed in the UK 03.02.2008
Credit card crisis in the UK 02.02.2008
Private courier steals card data in Kırıkkale 01.02.2008
Number of people in debt increased by 64.1% in 2007 in Turkey 01.02.2008
3 Million USD fake credit card scam 01.02.2008
Fake credit card fraud in Konya 30.01.2008
Fake driver licence gangs got caught 29.01.2008
Turkish MC & Maestro cardholders spent 727 Million USD in 143 countries in 2007 26.01.2008
2 Million YTL ATM scam in Izmir 25.01.2008
World Card becomes No 10 in Europe 25.01.2008
Consumer debt to banks totals 92.7 Billion YTL 24.01.2008
Visa Europe's sales volume jumps to 1.3 Trillion Euros in 2007 24.01.2008
A big employee scam at Societe Generale 24.01.2008
75 thousand YTL ATM robbery in Kayseri 23.01.2008
Fraud suspect got arrested with a fake ID 21.01.2008
Population of Turkey: 70.5 Million people 21.01.2008
Government incentive for card usage in Turkey 21.01.2008
Emptied customers accounts and invested on real estate 21.01.2008
A fraudster went on a holiday and got caught 21.01.2008
Turkish cardholders charged 1.4 Billion YTL in 2007 21.01.2008
Shell Turkey & Garanti payment project: Pay at pump 18.01.2008
Cell phones replace credit cards in Turkey 17.01.2008
Stolen ID ruins a businessman's life in Antalya 17.01.2008
ATM scammers emptied two nurses' bank accounts in Ankara 17.01.2008
Hacker "Ghost" got caught after 1 Million YTL fraud 16.01.2008
A new virus in Windows threatens bank accounts in Turkey 16.01.2008
Card payment replaces cash 14.01.2008
Barclays 'chairman' scams his own bank 12.01.2008
Hacker targets Nisantası, Istanbul 12.01.2008
3.5 Million YTL fraud by cloned debit cards 10.01.2008
Internet banking clarification by Akbank 10.01.2008
350 thousand farmers became cardholders during the last two years 07.01.2008
50% decrease in the number of e-banking victims 07.01.2008
Master Index results on young people announced 07.01.2008
Card volume reaches 557 Million YTL on the 31st 05.01.2008
ATM theft in Ankara 02.01.2008
Virtual gambling operation in Yalova 02.01.2008
14.000 YTL internet fraud in G.Antep 01.01.2008
ATM theft in Adana 31.12.2007
Interest rates on credit cards decrease 28.12.2007
ATM celebrates 20th year in Turkey 28.12.2007
ID theft scam in Izmir 26.12.2007
Unable the withdraw money from an ATM in Nevsehir, he retaliated with an axe 26.12.2007
Turkish cardholders charged 720 Million YTL during festive time 26.12.2007
Garanti spreads e-commerce via cell phones 25.12.2007
Garanti Payment Systems: Card market in Turkey is 175 Billion YTL 23.12.2007
Bank withdraws full amount of card debt based on agreement 23.12.2007
Collina is newest MasterCard football ambassador 21.12.2007
Cellular phones become IDs 21.12.2007
Robbed ATM in Malatya and got caught in Ankara 21.12.2007
ATM robbery in Antalya 21.12.2007
ATO warns Turkish banks about credit cards 21.12.2007
EU Tells Mastercard to Drop Crossborder Card Fees or Risk Fines 20.12.2007
Thieves love brand names 20.12.2007
Operation Visa by Konya Police 19.12.2007
Tried to shop using his wife’s card 16.12.2007
Turkey jumped up two steps in card numbers to be second place in Europe 16.12.2007
Bonus Card moves into Romanian market 16.12.2007
Everyone became a financial specialist 15.12.2007
3.500 virtual gamblers will be punished 14.12.2007
Consumer loans in Turkey increased to 63.9 Billion YTL as of 7th of Dec 13.12.2007
Garanti customers know when a new boutique opens in NY 13.12.2007
Investigation on bank manager for accepting black money 12.12.2007
Lotto tickets bought by credit cards in Ankara 12.12.2007
Even a fake ID could not save him 10.12.2007
Turkey taught card installment system to Greece, Japan is next 10.12.2007
I have a complaint to ATO 09.12.2007
Banks’ 700 thousand free flight competition in Turkey 09.12.2007
MasterIndex: Tax return completion resulting in the end of receipt collection by consumers 09.12.2007
ATM fraudster caught in Izmir 07.12.2007
Private tutors start accepting POS payments in Turkey 07.12.2007
Halkbank joins Advantage Card family 05.12.2007
Scammers had fun at night club with fake credit cards in Nigde 05.12.2007
Stolen ID caused organ donation in Manisa 04.12.2007
Common mistake in banking: free or very expensive service charges in Turkey 04.12.2007
Applicants get back credit card fees 02.12.2007
Russian mafia empties bank accounts 30.11.2007
Turkish families under heavy debt pressure 27.11.2007
Turkish cardholders pay 400 Million USD yearly card fee every year 26.11.2007
AMEX: Let us be a part of your progress and do not complain about card fees 25.11.2007
PIN in credit card transactions secured 100 Million USD 24.11.2007
Consumer Protection Association: Turkish people become addicted to cards 23.11.2007
Visa: Consumers will prefer to buy a loaf of bread by card soon 21.11.2007
Trojan virus threat in MSN 21.11.2007
25 Million ID information gets lost in London 21.11.2007
Stopping cyber crime era starts in Turkey 21.11.2007
Contactless cards against coins 17.11.2007
ATM robbery in Kutahya: 480 Thousand YTL stolen 15.11.2007
Credit card scam by using the name of dead people 15.11.2007
Organized criminals with spies and viruses got busted 13.11.2007
Visa is getting ready for 10 billion USD public offer 11.11.2007
Siber world warning by the Police 10.11.2007
ATM fraudster got busted on duty in Samsun 10.11.2007
MasterIndex 2007: Turkish cardholders spend app. 1,000 YTL a month 10.11.2007
Money laundering network of PKK got busted 09.11.2007
Vakıfbank announced YKB World Card partnership 09.11.2007
Hackers' new method strip-show 08.11.2007
A couple scammed famous people and corporations 1 million YTL 08.11.2007
Virus attacks increase by 500% 08.11.2007
The Banks Association of Turkey ( TBB ) warning about www.turkiyebankalarkurulu.com 06.11.2007
Yapı Kredi: Turkish payment card market will grow by 20% in 2008 05.11.2007
World card restructured under one card and a brand name 05.11.2007
Visa Europe “ Time in Motion “ Survey: Cash payments cost 3 days a year 05.11.2007
Banks in Turkey prepare for mutual ATM service in 2008 05.11.2007
Record imprisonment for e-banking criminals 04.11.2007
Big slam on PKK connected organized crime chain in Izmir 04.11.2007
27 month imprisonment for spam e-mail 04.11.2007
Scammers target a child in Izmir 02.11.2007
Waiters got caught in Istanbul 02.11.2007
Credit card debt increases continuously 01.11.2007
Fake banker scam 01.11.2007
International organized crime chain busted 01.11.2007
915 Billion USD card debt fear in the U.S. 01.11.2007
13 cyber thieves in custody 31.10.2007
Notify issuing bank in case of lost or stolen card 30.10.2007
Internet fraudsters got busted in Istanbul 28.10.2007
No true love between consumer and credit card 28.10.2007
Pay strict attention on web sites with membership 28.10.2007
E-Commerce will be secured by 3D 26.10.2007
Be aware of spies in firms 26.10.2007
Helping martyr families scam 26.10.2007
Data stolen from PC at hospital 25.10.2007
ATM thief in Beyoglu, Istanbul 24.10.2007
3.5 million e-banking customers in the past three months 23.10.2007
Stolen card info is on sale on internet 22.10.2007
Strong precautions on virtual gambling 22.10.2007
Two hackers in custody in Istanbul 20.10.2007
E-Banking warning for consumers 20.10.2007
Cardholders spend 656 Million YTL for Sugar Holiday in Turkey 18.10.2007
" High return on investment " scam in Mugla 18.10.2007
Credit card sales volume increases by 30 percent 17.10.2007
Card users are not protected against organized gangs 16.10.2007
Fortis offers debt transfer credit in Turkey 16.10.2007
Finansbank offers no-interest loan in Turkey 16.10.2007
Credit cards push people to suicide 15.10.2007
Reloadable low limit credit card program starts for poor people in Ordu 13.10.2007
Turkish cardholders spend the most in the US 11.10.2007
Shared Pin info caused a financial loss 11.10.2007
Automatic blocking system for corruptive web sites 08.10.2007
Hacker uses Microsoft’s reputation in spam messages 08.10.2007
Scammers attempt to rub an ATM by using a blow-torch 07.10.2007
First Data enters Turkish Card Payment market 07.10.2007
Credit card trap to a well-known adult site 06.10.2007
Scammers establish a fake company by using fake IDs in Adana 06.10.2007
Pseudo pin system by Oyakbank 05.10.2007
Convenient ATM services in Europe for Yapi Kredi Bank account holders 03.10.2007
Financial support for education from Bonus ATO card 03.10.2007
EU fines Visa 10 million Euros 03.10.2007
Self service loan machine by Akbank 02.10.2007
Obtained credit cards by using dead people's IDs 02.10.2007
Grew marijuana in Samsun in order to pay his credit card bills 02.10.2007
Young people have doubts about the future according to recent Visa survey 02.10.2007
Years worth of savings flew away within minutes in Istanbul 01.10.2007
Play Monopoly with Visa cards 01.10.2007
Delinquent accounts increased by 3.8% in August 01.10.2007
Consumer Protection Association: Hidden robbery in bills threatens consumers 01.10.2007
High interest for loans on internet in Turkey 01.10.2007
Fraudsters cleared out accounts while account holder was travelling 28.09.2007
FBI came but the court did not turn in Ukranian hacker in Antalya 28.09.2007
Secure internet banking is not a dream 28.09.2007
Ankara Chamber of Commerce: " Internet banking fraud victims increased " 28.09.2007
Consumer loans in Turkey increased to 58.4 Billion YTL as of 21st Sept 27.09.2007
Phishing attempt using National Lottery reputation detected 27.09.2007
Retired army major got loan with a fake ID in Izmir 25.09.2007
ATM scammer appeared to be a retired army officer in Burdur 25.09.2007
The head of internet gangs identified as a barber in Istanbul 25.09.2007
He decleared himself dead in order to get rid of payees in Kırıkkale 23.09.2007
How to get a refund on yearly credit card fees? 21.09.2007
Met on internet, kidnapped and drugged 21.09.2007
Forgery attempt knocked out at a printing office in Izmir 21.09.2007
Organized gangs started to use " The Financial Crimes Investigation Board " name in their attempts 21.09.2007
Telephone trap at an ATM in Antalya 16.09.2007
ATM robberies in Adıyaman & Konya 15.09.2007
ATM robbery in a hospital garden in Konya 15.09.2007
Banks in Turkey advices internet customers changing PIN info frequently 15.09.2007
Job vacancy scam on internet in Izmir & Manisa 14.09.2007
BDDK requested high security precautions for electronic banking services in Turkey 14.09.2007
Job application with virus attachment 13.09.2007
2,000 invisible people retired in Ankara 13.09.2007
MasterCard: Commercial card usage increases sharply in Turkey 11.09.2007
Fake ID scam in Duzce 11.09.2007
Consumer & Competition Protection Association: "No fee for cancelled cards" 11.09.2007
Married with a flight attendant after having a fake ID in Izmir 10.09.2007
Smoke helped to catch ATM skammers in Mersin 10.09.2007
Purchase Ticketmaster tickets from Garanti Bank ATMs 10.09.2007
Boss steal worker's ID to marry in Izmir 08.09.2007
Supreme Court announces heavier punishment for ATM fraud 08.09.2007
73 Billion YTL total debt burden in Turkey 07.09.2007
Seize by force at red light in Istanbul 07.09.2007
Bribery offer to police by credit card in Adapazarı 07.09.2007
Criminals got caught taking a loan with fake documents in Bursa 07.09.2007
Fake ministry personnel got caught in Izmir 07.09.2007
Central Bank of Turkey: Credit record remission has no meaning 06.09.2007
Hackers start to sell fraud program MPack on internet 05.09.2007
Visa's contactless credit card " PayWave " is in Turkey 05.09.2007
Scammers offered help and stole tourist card in Antalya 04.09.2007
90% of the consumers want contactless payments according to Visa 04.09.2007
Unsolvable total loan debt increases in Turkey 03.09.2007
ATM scam in Izmir 02.09.2007
MSN users beware 30.08.2007
Fake TEDAS worker almost lynched in Adana 29.08.2007
“Influence” scam in Eskisehir 29.08.2007
The Bank Association of Turkey ( TBB ) establishes a consumer rights committee 28.08.2007
Unbelievable scam on MSN 28.08.2007
ATM thieves dropped money while running away in Kastamonu 23.08.2007
Five ATM scammers caught on duty in Bursa 22.08.2007
Over 1 million USD in cash confiscated atTurkey-Bulgaria border by Turkish officials 20.08.2007
Scammed by Dubai dream in Antalya 18.08.2007
Taxi drivers scammed for payphones in Aydın 18.08.2007
Can’t remember pin number use your finger print at Pos 18.08.2007
Organized criminals seize 30.000 people’s credit card data in Izmir 15.08.2007
Istanbul is the least secure city according to the European Urban Audit 14.08.2007
Turkish citizen who have lived in Berlin for 20 years with a fake ID returned to Turkey 14.08.2007
KPMG: Males are leading in forgery 13.08.2007
Seven internet fraudsters got caught in Adana & Antalya 11.08.2007
Garanti Bank and Hepsiburada.com cooperation 11.08.2007
Pay phone minutes fraudsters got caught 06.08.2007
Number of delinquent credit cardholders increased 03.08.2007
CCTV recording helped to identify fraudsters ID 03.08.2007
Withdrew somebody else's money by using a fake ID 03.08.2007
Domestic credit card fraud decreased after full chip and pin roll-out in Turkey 03.08.2007
Hacker who got caught in Antalya will be returned to the US 02.08.2007
Cardholders usually forget to update card information for recurring transactions in case of card number change 30.07.2007
Cheap vacation scammers got caught in Bursa 30.07.2007
Tourist scammers got cought in Antalya 27.07.2007
Fake company operation in Izmir 25.07.2007
Visa Europe region is the commercial card usage leader with 16.7 trillion Euros sales volume 25.07.2007
Visa: Turkey is the most suitable center for credit cards 22.07.2007
Mobile phones and iris will simplify airway transportation 22.07.2007
Visa announces Turkish banks awards 22.07.2007
The number of card transactions increased 29.3% in the first six months of 2007 19.07.2007
Visa's CowParade in Istanbul 17.07.2007
French Ingenico tookover Planet in Turkey 17.07.2007
95.000 YTL stolen from an ATM machine in Izmir 17.07.2007
Skimmer operation by Gendarme in Mugla 14.07.2007
Organized gang of 14 got caught 13.07.2007
Organized criminals emptied bank accounts in Malatya 13.07.2007
Court ruled bank responsible for e-banking theft in Antalya 12.07.2007
VIP vacation opportunity for gold credit cardholders 11.07.2007
ATM machine burglarized in Mersin 10.07.2007
Organized gang operation in Konya: 24 in custody 06.07.2007
Pay strict attention before signing anything 30.06.2007
Max interest rates on credit cards readjusted 30.06.2007
Turkish banks agreed on Pin but Citibank N.A. decided on signature 30.06.2007
Hackers stole 1 Million YTL from cards in Istanbul 28.06.2007
Chip&PIN shifts fraud liability to cardholders on 01 July 2007 if they share PIN info with others 25.06.2007
Incorporation in Visa International 25.06.2007
Visa International announced 2007 awards to Turkish Banks 22.06.2007
Citibank & Akbank ATM partnership agreement 22.06.2007
Virtual fraudster got caught on vacation 20.06.2007
Yapi Kredi Bank: Receipts will be paid at ATMs 20.06.2007
Baiting on the internet 13.06.2007
The gasman’s ID was stolen. The outcome: 4 companies 13.06.2007
Garanti-China become partners for card issuing 11.06.2007
ATM scammers father & son caught in Konya 09.06.2007
Father & son ATM fraudsters got caught in Konya 08.06.2007
Election time fraudsters are on duty 07.06.2007
1 million YTL internet fraud in Antalya 04.06.2007
Turkish-Russian hack partnership steal 10 million YTL from credit cards 02.06.2007
Consumers: Credit card agreement should be evaluated one week 02.06.2007
Federation of Consumer Association: Two days boycott against credit cards in June 01.06.2007
Strike via The Ministry of Health’s website 01.06.2007
Called customer service department and had accounts cleared out 01.06.2007
Fraudsters even steal cellular phone PIN numbers 01.06.2007
Organized criminal ring gets busted 01.06.2007
Mobile ATM is coming to Turkey 01.06.2007
Four fraudsters swindled The General Directorate of Post and Telegraph Organization out of 231 thousand YTL 01.06.2007
Couple’s pension payments snatched by a fraudster 01.06.2007
Western Union: 269 billion USD money transfer in the world 31.05.2007
MasterCard: Pre-paid card sales volume will reach 645 billion USD by 2010 30.05.2007
13 fraudsters stole 5 million YTL from customers accounts were arrested in Kırklareli 29.05.2007
Unbelievable bribery chain in Ankara 28.05.2007
Dealers multiply IDs, subscribers become abusers in Turkey 28.05.2007
BRSA project for e-banking security in Turkey 27.05.2007
Is Bankasi & Ziraat announced “ Maximum “ partnership 24.05.2007
No ID verification in 15.000 USD money exchange activity but strict control in 2.000 YTL electronic fund transfer 23.05.2007
Fake TEDAS team scammed 22 people in Ankara 23.05.2007
Tekstilbank credit cards joined in Advantage program 22.05.2007
Consumers in Turkey spent 1.6 billion YTL at supermarkets by using cards 22.05.2007
Airline companies faced 600 million USD fraud in the last 7 years 22.05.2007
A sharp increase in types of crimes in Turkey 20.05.2007
500 thousand YTL credit card fraud in Istanbul 19.05.2007
Poor people in Turkey purchase bread by smart card 14.05.2007
Joint POS means 300 million USD savings for Turkey 11.05.2007
Hit on organizaed criminals in Izmir 11.05.2007
MC: Turkey is way ahead of Europe in Chip technology 10.05.2007
Total money laudering in Turkey: 1.8 Billion USD 10.05.2007
Established a company and took loans using death people’s ID in Ankara 10.05.2007
Three custody in fraud operation in Antalya 09.05.2007
A big hit on internet fraudsters in Urfa: 47 custody 07.05.2007
Cardholders will be able to make transactions from posters soon 05.05.2007
BKM: Foreign investors might consider coming in to ATM business in Turkey 04.05.2007
Akbank issue credit card in just three minutes 03.05.2007
Another villa busted in “Red Card “ operation in Mugla 30.04.2007
In spite of imprisonment they still skim card data 29.04.2007
Six in custody for internet fraud in Bodrum 25.04.2007
Card data theft is easier when it is stored at cash registers 23.04.2007
Business suit wearing fraudster gets arrested 22.04.2007
Joint POS machines becomes a current issue in Turkey 20.04.2007
MasterCard returns value-added tax for international trade transactions 19.04.2007
Banks in Turkey invested 580 Million USD for Chip and Pin migration of 28 Million credit cards 18.04.2007
Credit card acceptance started in Canakkale for inner city bus transportation 18.04.2007
Total of 6 ATM scammers arrested in Mersin 18.04.2007
Counterfeit card fraud in Ankara 17.04.2007
Latest technology used for card fraud in Ankara 17.04.2007
Last 75 days in full PIN implementation in Turkey 17.04.2007
Counterfeit card operation in the capital city of Turkey 16.04.2007
Fraudsters installed an encoder at an ATM in Kocaeli 15.04.2007
Cooperation on mobile money transfer between MasterCard Worldwide & GSMA 13.04.2007
Tried to hustle people by using Hurriyet’s name 12.04.2007
E-signature used to withdrawing loan from an ATM 11.04.2007
First imprisonment for money laundering in Turkey 11.04.2007
Money transfer around the world by mobile phones 09.04.2007
Bought a pair of socks to girl-friend and got caught 05.04.2007
A skimming device was found at an ATM 05.04.2007
The Europeans prefer to be able use debit cards anywhere in the world 05.04.2007
Number of credit debtors increased 02.04.2007
45 million credit card data is stolen in the US 31.03.2007
Mobile phone transformed into a credit card 28.03.2007
Internet fraud warning issued by Akbank 26.03.2007
Republic of Turkey The High Court of Appeals: Bank pays for internet branch robbery 26.03.2007
Fake doctor came out a hustler 23.03.2007
MasterCard Turkey: 14 Million people have credit cards in Turkey 22.03.2007
ATM thieves left patching machine and ran away in Sakarya 17.03.2007
Went to prison with someone else’s ID 14.03.2007
Environmentally friendly material will be used in credit card production 13.03.2007
ATM mechanism for fraudulent activity exposed in Eskisehir 13.03.2007
Cancellation of credit card must be resumed in seven days 11.03.2007
Fraud on MSN by visual images 11.03.2007
ATM trap to a nurse in Samsun 11.03.2007
Banking Regulation and Supervision Board work along with Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey in the card audit business 10.03.2007
Faced with 100,000 YTL debt after losing ID card 08.03.2007
Stolen credit cards will no longer be a problem 07.03.2007
5 Million USD swindled over the net 07.03.2007
Antalya Police Department successfully complete a chain operation 06.03.2007
Internet fraudster got caught in Trabzon 06.03.2007
Increase in consumer debts 04.03.2007
Akbank starts issuing Wings – A new milleage program credit card 02.03.2007
250 Million YTL worth of forgery 01.03.2007
Loan fraud in the capital;Ankara, Turkey 01.03.2007
Child pornography in organized gang activity 28.02.2007
Turkey becomes No.3 for the number of credit cards in Europe 28.02.2007
Fraud increases on Thursdays 27.02.2007
Crimes against possession and life increase 26.02.2007
Fraudsters who focus on retired people get caught 25.02.2007
Visa: Right time to talk about state card. State can even buy a tank by using a state card. 25.02.2007
Hacker Tamer became an internet consultant 22.02.2007
Special security precautions have been taken for ATM thief 21.02.2007
Public Security report of Turkey announced 17.02.2007
Increase in bank card fraud 17.02.2007
Fraudsters establish 5 businesses with a lost ID 15.02.2007
Flight attendant arrested in fraudsters bust-up 14.02.2007
Internet fraud takes place within Russia and Turkey 13.02.2007
Police in Istanbul take 6 people into custody due to fraud attempt 13.02.2007
Harassment and threat are fairly high among internet crimes 13.02.2007
Forgery ring gets busted in 'Return Operation' 12.02.2007
Internet fraud with a forged ID 10.02.2007
42% of British cardholders insure their credit cards 08.02.2007
Clicked on the photograph and his PIN number was hacked 07.02.2007
Consumer Rights Associations strictly against yearly card fees 06.02.2007
ATM fraudsters busted 05.02.2007
The Banks Association of Turkey: Yearly card fees are legal 05.02.2007
The credits to be liquidated reached to YTL 2.1 billion 03.02.2007
Environmentally friendly Bonus Card from Garanti 02.02.2007
Credit debtors increased 02.02.2007
Terrifying increase in crime 30.01.2007
Digital gangs released 26.01.2007
Forgery by using nurse IDs 24.01.2007
Unicredito: Let’s establish Information Technology Development Plan in Turkey 23.01.2007
Hardened criminal in seven different cities arrested 22.01.2007
Le Figaro: Innovations about cards emerges in Turkey and then go to Europe 19.01.2007
The Turkish cardholders spent YTL 109 billion by credit cards in 2006 19.01.2007
Turkish credit cards surprised Europe 18.01.2007
Visa: Deduction on cash payments must be deemed as hidden commission 18.01.2007
Internet fraudsters got caught 18.01.2007
Chief of Police announces security precautions for elders 18.01.2007
Strict audit coming for credit cards 17.01.2007
Consumers complain about the credit card interest rates 17.01.2007
126.000 YTL ATM robbery in Adana 15.01.2007
Credit cards are actively used for the purchases more than YTL 20 13.01.2007
10 year imprisonment requested for stealing electricity on internet 12.01.2007
Scammers capture cards using super glue 11.01.2007
Credit card fraudsters got caught 10.01.2007
Security precautions announced by the Police Headquarters for elders 08.01.2007

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